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Travel Restrictions

For individuals under post-conviction supervision, travel is a privilege, not a right.  No person is allowed to travel outside of their district during the first 60 days of supervision.  This is to allow time for the proper referrals to be made and to ensure compliance with the conditions of release.  Travel requests must be submitted 10 days in advance to allow time to confirm the details and nature of the trip.  It is regularly requested that persons under supervision report to the office upon return to submit a urine specimen, if drug testing is a condition of supervision, to ensure compliance with substance-related conditions while on travel.  Generally, persons under supervision are not allowed to travel for pleasure if they are delinquent in any outstanding court-ordered financial obligations or if they have been considered noncompliant with supervision in the recent past.  However, exceptions for travel restrictions are made in cases of verified emergencies.

The first step for a person to take in the process of requesting permission to travel is complete a Request for Permission to Travel form and to submit a signed copy to their probation officer.