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The District of New Hampshire understands the central role that employment has in influencing financial health, personal identity, and many important aspects of life including education, healthcare, relationships, and social activities. Work should be about more than solely collecting a paycheck. It should promote skill development, cultivate positive relationships, and improve quality of life. Yet, people who are under supervision often struggle with underemployment in the form of limited hours and lower pay, failing to meet even their basic needs. Employment that is both fulfilling and provides a comfortable living wage strongly correlates with succeeding during and after supervision. Establishing meaningful, improved employment aligns with our mission to empower change, improve lives, and protect communities. The national standard condition of supervision requires offenders to work full-time, and the District of New Hampshire provides internal employment services that helps connect offenders to external workforce initiatives and programs. We strive to help you identify or meet employment goals, maximize income, and find employment that will be fulfilling to you. If you are under supervision and are unemployed or not satisfied with your current employment, we encourage you to take advantage of these services and resources.