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Online Monthly Reporting

Persons under supervision are sometimes required to submit a monthly report by the 5th day of the month or as instructed by the officer. This process involves the reporting of standard information such as address, phone number, employment, etc.   It also asks questions about contact with law enforcement and other felons.  It is crucial that each question is answered truthfully and completely each month. One common mistake is assuming that the officer has the information on file and, thus, not completely filling out each line, such as a vehicle identification number or an apartment number.  The monthly report process creates a legal document, and there are penalties for providing false information under 18 USC § 1001. The reporting form can be accessed at our e-reporting website, or you can type or paste the URL in your browser address bar.

Directions for Completing Monthly Reporting Form


  1. Print your first, last, and middle name.
  2. Print any other name that may have been used in this Court.
  3. Print your full street address and apartment number. DO NOT PUT P.O. BOX OR MAIL DROP NUMBERS IN THIS SPACE. If you live on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floor, list this location.
  4. Print your city, state and zip code.
  5. Print the name of your apartment complex and/or community subdivision. Advise as to whether you rent or own the property.
  6. This is where you may list your P.O. Box number or any other mailing address.
  7. Print all phone numbers including the following: pagers, cellular phones, message numbers (a number you may be reached at or a phone where a message can be conveyed to you), and/or answering services.
  8. List all names of persons living at your residence.
  9. Check YES or NO if you moved during the month.
  10. Print the exact date of your move and your reason for moving. THE PROBATION OFFICER MUST BE PERSONALLY NOTIFIED TEN DAYS PRIOR TO ANY CHANGE IN RESIDENCE.


  1. Print the NAME, ADDRESS, AND PHONE NUMBER of your employer. If self employed, list your office address, phone number, and name of company.
  2. Print the name of your immediate supervisor and his phone extension.
  3. Check YES or NO as to employers’ knowledge of your criminal status.
  4. Print the number of days missed from work and the specific reason for the absence.
  5. Print your exact job title.
  6. List the gross income which is your total income before deductions.
  7. Print the EXACT days and hours that you report to and leave from work (DO NOT WRITE 40 HOURS). If your shift varies, supply your Probation Officer with a copy of your weekly work schedule.
  8. Check YES or NO if you had a job change or were terminated during the month. THE PROBATION OFFICER MUST BE PERSONALLY ADVISED TEN DAYS PRIOR TO ANY CHANGE IN EMPLOYMENT.
  9. Print an exact date of termination and reason why you were terminated from the employment.


  1. List all vehicles owned or driven by you. Print the year, make, model, color of the vehicle, license plate number, and name of the owner. This must be completed every month. This also includes company vehicles you may drive.


  1. List the amount of income you bring home after deductions.
  2. List any additional monies or benefits which you receive during the month such as food stamps, welfare, inheritance, loans, trust funds, spouse’s income, or other.
  3. Add up your net income plus any other income and write in the amount.
  4. The total of all expenses incurred goes here.
  5. List all debts which are past due and the amount you owe for each debt.
  6. Check here whether or not you have a checking account and list the name of the bank and your account number. Indicate whether this is an individual or joint account and list who is on the signature card. List your EXACT balance at the end of the month. Your probation Officer may request copies of bank statements in order to verify this information.
  7. Do the same as #26 in regards to your savings account.
  8. List all purchases of goods or services for which you paid $500.00 or more during the month. Print the amount of purchase, date, description of the item or items, and the method used for payment. If you used a credit card, list which card was used.


  1. If you were questioned by law enforcement, check YES. Otherwise, check NO. If yes, provide the exact date of the questioning, the title(s) of who questioned you, the name(s) of the officer(s), the name of the agency, and the reason for the questioning. YOU MUST ALSO PERSONALLY NOTIFY YOUR PROBATION OFFICER IMMEDIATELY OF THIS CONTACT (attach copies of citations, bond papers, complaints, or other documents for verification).
  2. If you were arrested or named as a defendant in any other case, check YES. Otherwise, check NO. If you, give the details, including the date of the charges and the disposition or status of the case (attach documentation).
  3. If you resolved any pending charges this month, check YES. Otherwise, check NO. If yes, indicate the exact date of the hearing, the Court which you attended and the final disposition of the case (attach a copy of the citation, receipt, charges, and disposition).
  4. Was anyone in your household arrested or questioned by law enforcement during this month? If you check YES, state what relation he/she is to you, his/her full name, and the reason for the arrest or questioning. Advise your Probation Officer as to the disposition or status of the case. Otherwise, check NO. If you were a victim in the case, attach a copy of the police report.
  5. If you had contact with anyone who has a criminal record, check YES and list his/her full name. Otherwise, check NO.
  6. If you possessed or had any access to a firearm, check YES and explain. Otherwise, check NO.
  7. If you possessed or used any illegal drugs, check YES and explain when and what type of drug. Otherwise, check NO.
  8. If you traveled outside the District without the permission of the Probation Officer, check YES and explain when and where you went. Otherwise, check NO.
  9. If you owe money for a special assessment, restitution or fine with regard to your case, check YES. Otherwise, check NO. If you check yes, list the amount you paid during the month. NOTE: ALL PAYMENTS ARE TO BE MADE BY MONEY ORDER (POSTAL OR BANK) OR CASHIER’S CHECK ONLY.
  10. If you have community service work to perform, check YES. Otherwise, check NO. If you check yes, list the number of hours you completed this month, the number of hours you missed and the balance of hours that are remaining.
  11. If you have drug, alcohol or mental health aftercare as a condition of your supervision, check YES. Otherwise, check NO. If you check yes, note if you missed any sessions during the month or if you failed to respond to phone recorder instructions. If you check yes to either question, explain why you either missed a session or failed to respond to the phone recorder instructions.
  12. Sign and date your written monthly report certifying that all the information you furnished is complete and correct.

NOTE: According to 18 U.S.C. § 1001, false statements on a written monthly report are considered law violations and not technical violations. Any false statements may result in revocation of probation, supervised release or parole, in addition to 5 years imprisonment, a $250,000 fine or both.