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Paying Fines, Fees, and Restitution

Ways to Pay Your Debt

Paying fines, fees, and restitution has become much more convenient with This is a secure website managed by the Department of Treasury for electronic payment of federal debt(s). Means of payment include:

Credit or Debit Card. Make one-time payments with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club or a debit card.

Checking or Savings Account. Make one-time payments or register on-line to schedule recurring payments. NOTE: maximum transaction is $3,000.


Benefits of Using

No more paper. No mail delay. Submit your payments on-line anytime and anywhere with Internet access. The site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for users to submit payments.


How do I Pay Online?

Step 1. Obtain your Court and Defendant Number (CCAM Number) from your Debtor Statement or contact the Clerk of U.S. District Court staff.

Step 2. Obtain a Transaction ID by calling the U.S. Probation Office at (603) 225-1515 and ask for the duty officer. If you are no longer on Probation, contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office at (603) 230-2245. The Transaction ID issued to you will be valid for all future transactions.

Step 3. Connect to the internet, type into your browser location bar and hit Enter to access the web page.

Step 4. From the home page, click on See All Forms; on the right side of the screen, under Jump To, select the letter N; and then scroll down to NHD Criminal Debt Payment. Select Continue to Form.

Step 5. Fill in your name, court case number, address, payment amount and Transaction ID. Click the Continue button.

Step 6. Complete the payment information screen. Click the Next button.

Step 7. Fill in the payment method details screen. Click Review and Submit Payment.

Step 8. Review the payment and account information. Check the box to authorize the transaction. You can also check the box to receive an email confirmation. Click Submit Payment.


Don't Have Internet?

A public computer is available at the Clerk of U.S. District Court Office.



If you have any questions about accessing, please contact the Clerk of U.S. District Court at (603) 225-1423.