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Sex Offender Treatment Services

The following treatment services are offered by one or more of our contracted vendors.  However, not all of our vendors provide all services.  Please review the vendor specifications for services they provide.

Sex Offense-Specific Evaluation and Report: A sex offense-specific evaluation (also commonly known as a “psychosexual evaluation”) is a comprehensive evaluation of an alleged or convicted sex offender, meant to provide a written clinical evaluation of a defendant’s/offender's risk for re-offending and current amenability for treatment; to guide and direct specific recommendations for the conditions of treatment and supervision of a defendant/offender; to provide information that will help to identify the optimal setting, intensity of intervention, and level of supervision, and; to assess the potential dangerousness of the defendant/offender.

Individual Sex Offense-Specific Treatment For Post-Conviction: Sex offense-specific treatment: is defined as treatment interventions used to help sex offenders accept responsibility, have an increased level of recognition and focus on details of actual sexual behavior, arousal, fantasies, planning and rationalizations of their sexually deviant thoughts and behavior. Sex offense-specific treatment gives priority to the safety of an offender's victim(s) and the safety of potential victims and the community.

Chaperone Training and Support/Sex Offender: Chaperone Training and Support: is a psycho-educational/specialized training for one (1) or more significant others, or family members of a defendant/offender charged with or convicted of a sex offense. The goal is to provide a means of certifying individuals designated by the probation/pretrial services officer to act as a chaperone for a defendant/offender and safeguard for the community.

Visual Reaction Time (VRT) Measure of Sexual Interest: is an objective method for evaluating sexual interest which is designed to determine sex offender treatment needs and risk levels.

Specialized Treatment for Pretrial Defendants charged with a Sex-(Individual or Group) Specialized Treatment for Pretrial Defendants charged with a Sex Offense: is defined as treatment interventions used to help pre-adjudicated individuals with crisis intervention, support, healthy coping skills, cognitive behavioral treatment and understanding the keys to successful incarceration.