Pretrial Expectations


Pretrial supervision is ordered in most cases and requires Pretrial Serives to monitor the activities and behavior of people who are released on bail.  Pretrial release allows individuals to live with their families, hold jobs, and be productive members of society pending the outcome of their case.

Through supervision, Pretrial Services will enforce the Court’s order and ensure that defendants comply with the conditions set by the Court.  The Order Setting Conditions of Release may be viewed by clicking here. The Court will tailor the conditions based on the specific risks identified in each case.

Along with this, officers have two areas of focus:

  1) protecting the community by reducing the risk that defendants will commit new crimes, and

  2) reducing the risk that a defendants will flee or fail to appear in court as required.  Pretrial Services also assists defendants in addressing critical areas of concern in their life and sometimes refers them for services such as substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, medical care, training, or employment assistance. 

In addition to reporting to the office, defendants can expect officers to conduct home, work, and other community contacts.